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We have  been providing bulk pharmaceuticals and chemicals to pet shops, importers, breeders, zoos, hobbyists and other freshwater and marine tropical fish and Koi wholesalers since 1971.

Our aquarium fish medications are the finest products available, which are pure, unaltered and guaranteed as to quality. We also offer custom formulations which are exclusively manufactured by National Fish Pharmaceuticals.

Take a look around and see our extensive fish disease information sections, including information about freshwater and marine aquarium fish diseases, Koi fish diseases and Koi pond treatments, disease prevention, articles and much, much more.

Thank you for choosing National Fish Pharmaceuticals, one of the nations largest suppliers of bulk chemicals and antibiotics for the tropical fish industry.

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We have treatments for all ornamental fish including:

All Freshwater Tropical & Brackish Water Fish

Koi, Goldfish  & Pond Treatments

Marine Tropical Fish





Site  News

Koi are not saltwater fish!

Some disturbing news has been going around that states salt levels above 0.3% are going to cure your fish if they are all broken out in sores.  This is hoopla folks!

We have received call after call from Koi pond hobbyists in the last couple of months, that have ruined their pond, and killed their fish due to over-salting.

Adding salt to water will not kill the bacteria that are in the fish's bloodstream.  For more on salt, click here.

We have a very high success rate with our healing and treatment techniques.  If you want to save your fish, please take some time to read the material in the Koi pond section of our disease library.

A Koi with a severe Aeromonas infection needs to be treated with antibiotics in the food, and a secondary treatment in the water for 10-14 days.  Healing time depends on the severity of the wounds, and may take up to 1 month.  Salting the water with wounds like this will kill your fish!



Spring/Summer Koi Disease Treatments




Nitrofuracin Green

Koi Fix For Food

Koi Fix For Water

Used for Gill Flukes, Fish Lice, Anchor Worms, Leeches, And Parasitic Eggs.

Use: Trichodina, Fungus, Costia, Water Mold, Slime, Preventative, Ich, Oodinium, Velvet & Quarrantine treatment

Used for New Fish, Ammonia Burn, Wide Spectrum Anti-Bacterial Anti-Fungal.  Good for bag water in shipping.

Use: Special formula made to cure sores on your fish caused from a bacterial infection. Used in the Koi food. .................................
Use: Special formula made to cure sores on your fish caused from a bacterial infection. Used when the fish are too sick to eat.

Resistant Cryptocarayon  Shows Up In 06'


This strain of marine Ich is resistant to traditional treatments with Formaldehyde, Malachite Green, Copper & All the dyes.  Quinine Sulfate is the only treatment that will work for this strain.

To learn more about the disease and the treatment, click on the fish photo.


Products For Your Retail Store


All products are F.D.A. approved and packaged in child-proof containers.

These products are a good replacement for the items that were taken off of the market.  Most retail stores do not offer any type of "antibiotic treatment" anymore and this is a must for the hobbyist. 

Distributor pricing is available.  For more information please click on the product photo.



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